Dr. Andrew Simon visites CRSRI and makes an academic report
[ Source:CRSRI   Author:Liu Honghu

At the request of Changjiang River Scientific Research Institute (CRSRI), Dr. Andrew Simon, the senior consultant of Cardno-ENTRIX of Unite States, part-time professor of Mississippi University, specially-appointed professor of Nottingham University, Dr. Xia Junqiang, professor of Wuhan University, Ph. D. candidate Zhen Shan from Tsinghua University, master candidate Deng Chunyan form Wuhan University, visited the River Department of CRSRI, and paid a visit to Changjiang River Flood-Control Physical Model of CRSRI. During the visit, Dr. Andrew Simon was invited to make an academic report entitled “Development and Application of a Bank-Stability and Toe-Erosion Model for Predicting Bank Erosion and Stabilization”. The colloquium was moderated by Dong Yaohua, vice chief engineer of CRSRI. More than 20 technicians and postgraduates participated in the colloquium.

Dr. Andrew Simon firstly gave a brief introduction about Bank-Stability and Toe-Erosion Model (BSTEM), and then exchanged opinions with the participant about the mechanism of river bank collapse, characteristic of the riparian soil and vegetation roots on the river bank slope stability. The applicability of the BSTEM model on the Yangtze River was discussed in the colloquium as well. The colloquium deepened the understanding of the research progress of river bank stability and toe-erosion. It will effectively promote the river regulation research in the future.






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